We're making an album

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This is Viktor Stenquist. We are hiring him as the producer of our debut album. We trust in Viktor and enjoy his company. He worked with TGNW in 2011, and recorded Hands of Time and No Name.


We're booked for studio sessions in April 2014. We'll let you know when we are making further progress.


(If you are representing a large corporate recording company, please note that we accept larger checks and will sign most deals without reading to carefully.)


Emil says – sharpen up! You better behave. This is our first time making a record with guitarist Emil Ardané. He left us to our own devices shortly after we formed the band. Anyway, he's back to set things right, get this show on the road, class up the place, etc.


As you see, we've been working real hard on getting the songs done. And boy, is it hard work... We have around 20 songs or ideas to sort out and twist into shape.


While we're doing it, how about going back to the rest of our catalogue? Stream or download all the songs here.


We are expecting Simon to make a triumphant return to Sweden this year. He has been blessing the United States with his presence since last fall.

The Grand New Wrong

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